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Presentation ØNH Høstmøtet 2016. Mads Moxness held a presentation with the title "Modeling of Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Fluid Structure Interaction in The Upper airways" at the autumn meeting of the Society for ear, nose and throat in Oslo. Download (Norwegian).

New article in Gemini. Gemini has posted an article about the ongoing activities within SINTEF related to mathematical modelling of OSAS. http://gemini.no/2016/10/bruker-matematikk-sovnapne/ (Norwegian).

New student project. This autumn (2016), we welcome Elin Aasgrav to the project. The title of her project is CFD simulations of turbulent flow in the upper airways. She will be supervised by Bernhard Müller from NTNU, and Are J. Simonsen and Sverre G. Johnsen from SINTEF.

Conference presentation. Maria Rolstad Jordal has made her conference presentation from the 22nd Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics conference available under Publications.

Conference presentation. Ehsan has made his conference presentation from the Coupled Problems 2015 conference available under Publications.

Pre-/Post-operation CFD Simulation.

Using CT images before and after OSAS surgery, Sverre and Balram have made patient-specific CFD simulations on a reconstructed model.

Since the CT images were not taken at the same angle before and after the surgery, it was not possible to isolate the effect of the surgically removed tissue with the before- and after images alone. A composite model was made by stitching the two geometries together.

The stitching region is visible in the image above. The before- and after surgery geometries differ only above the trachea so that the influence of the patient's position is minimized.

The before- and after models wer imported into Fluent and a steady-state computation was made.

3D Model. Sverre has made a 3D model of the upper airways from a pilot patient, based on MR images and using the software ITK-SNAP. The picture shows the surface representation of the nasal cavity, pharynx and trachea.

Dissemination. Ehsan will attend the Coupled Problems 2015 conference in Venice to present his research on fluid-structure interaction applied to sleep apnea.

Development updates:

Source control. A Bitbucket repository has been set up.

Project Description on SINTEF

Project description updated.

We have updated the project description.

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