Here are the team members.

Martin Larsson
Researcher, web guy

Research scientist at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry. Holds a Ph.D. in fluid-structure interaction under Bernhard Müller's supervision. Currently co-supervisor for Ehsan Khalili's thesis. Occasionally managing this website.

Bernhard Müller
Project leader

Personal homepage:

Ehsan Khalili
PhD candidate - WP3

PhD candidate at Department of Energy and Processes Engineering. Doing my research under supervision of Bernhard Müller and Martin Larsson.

Sverre Gullikstad Johnsen
WP Manager - WP4

Research Scientist at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Sector for Industrial Process Technology, Dept. Process Metallurgy and Raw Materials

Hongliang Liu

phd candidate-WP2

department of structure engineering

Norwegian university of science and technology

Mads Henrik Strand Moxness
PhD candidate, dept. of neuroscience, NTNU. ENT surgeon.